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  • January 4, 2020

Abstract art has been inspiring art enthusiasts and owners alike since the turn of the 20th century. Exploring form and colour, those early artists redefined what art is, creating work that instead of relating what an artist could see, instead reflected feelings and emotions.

While those early artists faced resistance to their ideas initially, today, artists like Van Gogh and Picasso are revered for their abstract work, and for the latter part of the 20th century and now into the 21st, abstract work is recognized for the beautiful, inspiring art it has always been. 

Art is never static, and as those artists made use of new ideas and tools to create their works, so today, the ability to create digital designs in 3D mean that modern artists can take abstract art in entirely new directions. Our 3D abstract printing blends feelings, emotions and vision with cutting edge technology to expand non-objective art into 3 dimensions, creating wall art that draws you in and challenges your ideas. 

Abstract poster

Rather than follow tradition, our abstract art forges a new path, inspiring with its vision, challenging viewers to look deeper and uncover the meaning within, while taking full advantage of 3D capabilities that 21st century artists enjoy. Our artwork can be used in many ways, with quality printing creating wonderful wall art, beautiful abstract posters and other uses. Whether in your office or at home, in combination with more traditional art pieces or used to accentuate a modernist design, our online printed art delivers something unique to any space. 

Art is my passion within the name Jupiter Machine, each piece of art online here is crafted from a desire to express an idea or feeling, created for the pleasure of bringing that vision to life. Art is a calling, it is also incredibly rewarding to create these works, and we are proud of every piece on the site. The 3D tools we have now that are the foundation for this artwork allow us to draw in ways that were impossible even two decades ago, and that is empowering art, both for creators and enthusiasts.

In many ways, art today is more accessible than ever, finding art online, like here, allows people who would never have access to a gallery to see and buy wonderful pieces, but with that accessibility comes responsibility. Making art that is unique, that conveys something tangible, means drawing on real experience, real emotion, real feeling.